Temp A1

Scapular, Year A

Reading:  St. Teresa of Avila, The Way of Perfection, A Study Edition, Prepared by Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD, Introduction and Prologue

Reflection Questions: (Meditate/Journal for a few minutes on these)

  1. Do I consult Church authorities and/or seek corroboration from Scripture about my own spiritual experiences or writings?
  2. How can I apply St. Teresa’s way of helping the Church combat the evils or our times? What are some of the temptations that today are perhaps so common that little attention is paid to them?

Discussion Questions

  1. Why was The Way of Perfection written and for whom?
  2. Why was St. Teresa so concerned with consulting learned men about her experiences/writings?
  3. Why was mysticism, especially in women, looked upon so suspiciously in her day?
  4. How did life in the Incarnation differ from that of St Joseph’s?
  5. What are the practices upon which Teresa dwells in order to help dispose her nuns to a life of prayer, and how can/do you make use of them in your own life?
  6. How does Teresa’s prayer of recollection differ from the method of discursive meditation?


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