Focus: General Introduction, Prologue and The First Dwelling Places

Reading:  The Interior Castle: Study Edition, pp. 3-25; 30-32; 40-44; 57-63


  1. Why was Teresa directed to write this book? Why did she feel disinclined to do so?
  2. For whom did Teresa write this work and why did she give it the title that she did?
  3. Why does Teresa use the symbol of the castle?
  4. Draw a castle. Using Teresa’s ideas, explain in your diagram:
    1. How to enter the castle
    2. What prevents a person from entering the castle
    3. What the interior of the castle looks like
    4. How a person can move about the castle

(A computer-generated diagram/explanation is also an acceptable way to answer this question.)

  1. In journal format, personalize the castle and make it your own. Take Teresa’s suggestions, and reflect on what might be preventing you from entering or moving about the castle. What insights of Teresa’s about sin, struggle and favors can you include in your reflections?


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