Formation Information  for July 12, 2014   Assignments for July, 2014 Class                                    Teacher               Content Aspirants                            Pam                      The Carmelite Way, by John Welch, OCarm, Ch 6-7 Optional or Later Readings:  “Secularity and the Lay Carmelite”, posted on  Page “Aspirant 8 (July)” Pam emailed and Cindy mailed discussion questions by Jun […]

July 12, 2014 Formation Assignments

Formation Information  for June, 2014 Marianne and Diane have shared information and materials with me, which I am studying and using to plan for July and beyond.  I will attend as much of the Candidates  (5 Yr) formation scheduled outside meetings in May/June and will facilitate their June class.     Please […]

June 2014 Formation Assignments

Posts on this blog are mainly to facilitate formation study.  Here you will find assignments and response questions for discussions as well as posts discussing various topics by various classes.  Any group can make their posts protected by agreeing on a password so that only they can view them.  There […]

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I saw this on an O.Carm site…very important point.  Pope Benedict said, “Carmel teaches the Church how to pray.” That’s what Carmel has always been about: prayer. And that’s what being a Carmelite – whether friar, nun, or Lay Carmelite – is all about: prayer.  It’s not method; it’s emphasis!


July 2015 Formation Assignments Questions: 1. Many non-catholics criticize the catholic tradition of liturgical celebrations. Use what you know and what you have read to explain the meaning and importance of liturgy. In your explanation include the forms of liturgical practice and the value of each form. 2. Imagine that a non-catholic […]

July 2015 Formation Assignments

Formation Information for Apr 11 , 2015 Assignments for April 11, 2015 Class                                    Teacher Content Aspirants                             Pam/Cindy           Vocation and Discernment Welcome to the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites, by Deeney, pp 9-37 For Further Reading: “ St Teresa and the Vocation to a Life of Prayer”, pp. 35-46 as posted […]

April Formation Assignments