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  1. Constitutions of the Discalced Carmelite Secular Order, Preface and Sections I, II, and III.


  1. OCDS Provincial Statutes, “Witnesses to the Experience of God”, #1 through 6.




  1. Think about the information you read in the Constitutions and answer the following questions:
  2. List the fundamental elements of a vocation in the Secular Teresian Carmel.
  3. After reading about the influence of Elijah, Mary, Teresa, and John in the Charism of Carmel, explain how you might weave this information to form your own personal spirituality.
  4. What does Fraternal Communion mean to a Secular Carmelite?
  5. After reading “Witnesses to the Experience of God” from the Constitutions and the Statutes,  describe prayer in the life of a secular Carmelite.


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