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Scapular, Year B

Focus:   The Carmelite Rule of Life                                                                                      

Readings: “Carmelite Rule of St. Albert,”



Historical documents substantiate the presence of hermits living in community on Mount Carmel in 1209 AD.  These monks petitioned St. Albert, the Patriarch of Jerusalem for a Rule that would guide their way of life.  This is the Carmelite Rule of Life that has guided the three orders of Carmel for centuries.

Read the Rule carefully and

  1. Identify the aspects of the Rule that are woven into the daily life of a Secular Carmelite.
  2. Select three aspects that guide the life of Second Order Carmelites (Nuns living in a monastery). Explain how each might be adapted so that it can be woven into the daily life of someone in the Secular Order.


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