Temp A7

ReadingThe Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, Vol II, Kavanaugh and Rodriguez, “The Way of Perfection”, Ch. 26-30

Reflection Question (Meditate/Journal for a few minutes on the following statement and Scripture passages)

In the measure I desire the Lord I will find Him. “Lord, wherever you go, I will go; whatever you suffer, I will suffer.”  John 12:26, Luke 22:28-30

  1. Have I provided sufficient solitude and silence in my daily routine to become recollected easily? Psalm 63: 1-8, Psalm 131


Discussion Questions

  1. With what three acts does Teresa say mental prayer should begin?
  2. St Teresa now begins a reflection on meditatively praying each phrase of the Our Father. How does   St. Teresa say we should think of the Lord when we begin to pray?   What do Jesus’ first words in the Our Father tell us about our relationship with Him? (the Father)
  3. What does Teresa suggest if we have difficulty becoming recollected?
  4. What is St. Teresa’s definition of the prayer of recollection? How do you describe the prayer of recollection?
  5. In meditating on “hallowed be Thy name” what does Teresa say about the Lord’s treatment of those who are afflicted and despised and how do we hallow God’s name?
  6. Discuss this statement from Teresa’s point of view: “All quiet prayer is not the prayer of quiet.”
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