Temp A5

The Way of Perfection, Lesson 5


ReadingThe Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, Vol II, Kavanaugh and Rodriguez, “The Way of Perfection”, Ch 16-20


Reflection Questions (Meditate/Journal for a few minutes on these questions and Scripture passages)

Do I persevere in prayer despite the restlessness of mind and soul of which Teresa speaks?  Psalm 138: 7-8.  Do I think of other things while speaking with God?

Teresa says that all who do not falter on the way will drink the living water (infused or contemplative prayer).  How much do I desire this and how determined am I not to become discouraged when prayer is difficult?  John 4: 7-15, John 7: 37, 38.

Discussion Questions

What are the properties of water to which Teresa refers?  Describe something about each in your notes.

What is the paradox of the water (tears) that flows in prayer?  How have you seen or experienced that in your own life?

Is there any reasoning with the intellect in the prayer of living water which Teresa describes?  How does Teresa explain this?

What temptation does Teresa believe on will have who experiences extreme thirst for God?

With what thought can a person in the above situation assuage this desire and affliction?


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