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ReadingThe Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, Vol II, Kavanaugh and Rodriguez, “The Way of Perfection”, Ch 40-42

Reflection Question (Meditate/Journal for a few minutes on the following statement and Scripture passages) Be prepared to share your reflections.

  1. Let me always keep in mind the hour of my death. How beautiful to arrive there having loved God above all things.  Sir 35: 6-13, I Peter 1:17.
  2. Is my speech and behavior around others such that my presence contributes to their restraint? Is my company and conversation such that others will desire my manner of living?  Prov 16: 21-24, Prov 25: 11-12

Discussion Questions

  1. What famous metaphor does St. Teresa use to describe our stay here on earth? Describe what this metaphor means to you in your own life.
  2. Teresa warns us to be most careful not to commit what kind of sins?
  3. In regard to speech, of what does St. Teresa warn us?
  4. What desire does St. Teresa say is a clear sign for contemplatives that the favors they receive in prayer are from God? What are the favors you have received in prayer?
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