Temp A10


ReadingThe Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, Vol II, Kavanaugh and Rodriguez, “The Way of Perfection”, Ch 36-39

Reflection Question (Meditate/Journal for a few minutes on the following statement and Scripture passages)

  1. Teresa summed up the marvels of the Lord’s Prayer in Ch 37, saying it contains the entire good a spiritual soul can desire here on earth. How reverently and devoutly should I pray these words which came to us from the mouth of Jesus?   Mt 6:9-15 Luke 11: 2-4.
  2. I should never become proud or have overconfidence about any virtue I may have. Instead, let me consider myself poor in virtue, relying always on the Lord to help me.  Prov 16:2 ;Prov 27:1-2




Discussion Questions

  1. What virtue did Teresa say was sure to soon follow a person’s entrance into true contemplative prayer?
  2. What comparison does St. Teresa make between soldiers and souls who have reached perfection? Which kind of enemy should we fear most?
  3. What advice does St. Teresa have concerning spiritual delights in prayer?
  4. How can the devil deceive us concerning virtue?
  5. If we do not walk in true humility concerning our virtues, what will the Lord do? When the Lord grants us a solid virtue, what comes in its wake?
  6. What two harms can come from undue disturbance over our sins? In regard to doing penance for our sins, where does St. Teresa say the greatest perfection lies?
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