Year A

2016/17 Formation (lesson number. month)

  1. April
  2. May
  3. June
  4. July
  5. August
  6. September
  7. October
  8. November
  9. December
  10. January
  11. February
  12. March

OCDS Legislation (Rule of St. Albert, Constitutions, and Statutes)

The outline represents study of OCDS Legislation (Rule of Albert, Constitutions with its footnotes and Provincial Statutes). The objective is to facilitate integration of the Carmelite way of life within the context of Baptism and the universal call to holiness.

Our Identity, Values and Commitment

  • Rule of Albert
  • Origins of Carmel
  • Fundamental Elements of a Vocation

Following Jesus in the Teresian Secular Carmel

  • Theology of the Promise
  • Evangelical Counsels
  • Beatitudes

Witnesses to the Experience of God

  • Prayer Life
  • Daily Life
  • Community Life
  • Liturgical Life: Mass & Liturgy of the Hours

Serving God’s Plan

  • Individual Apostolate
  • Community Apostolate

With Mary, The Mother of Jesus

  • Catechesis of the Brown Scapular
  • Authentic Marian Devotion in the Teresian tradition
  • Authentic Devotion to St. Joseph in the Teresian tradition

Formation in the School of Carmel

  • Discerning an OCDS Vocation
  • Process of Formation

Organization and Government (Constitutions VII: 37-60 and footnotes and OCDS Provincial Statutes IV)International

Local, Provincial, National, Generalate

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