READ: Story of a Soul Chapters seven and eight

REFLECT: Spend a few minutes with each of the following thoughts:

  • St. Therese was grateful for the severity with which she was treated upon entering Carmel. What virtues can I gain from the same sweet acceptance of the hurts and affronts in my life?
  • Therese desired to be counted as nothing, and unknown, but God exalted her. How many times have I resented being overlooked, ignored or disparaged?
  • Have I ever had to wait for something special in my life? Did I react as Therese did, by better preparing myself, or with protests and resentment?
  • Am I learning, as Therese did, to draw profit from everything that happens?
  • What would it mean to me to offer myself as a holocaust to Divine Love? (or to Merciful Love) How would it affect my attitudes?

REPLY: Answer the following questions as briefly as you can:

  • 1. What illusions did Therese have concerning life in the Carmel?
  • 2. What great consolation did she receive upon making a general confession?
  • 3. What was Mother Marie Gonzague‟s treatment of Therese?
  • 4. Whom did Therese consider to be her spiritual director? Why?
  • 5. Why was she attracted to the Holy Face of Jesus?
  • 6. What were the saintly qualities Therese described in her aging father?
  • 9. What special consolations did Therese receive at her Clothing?
  • 10. What happened to Louis Martin one month after her Clothing?
  • 11. What did St. Therese say became her “daily bread” at Carmel?
  • 12. How did Therese react to having to wait eight more months until her Profession?
  • 13. What did she learn about striving for perfection?
  • 14. What great temptation did she experience on the eve of her Profession?
  • 15. How did this change on the next day? What did Therese ask for?
  • 16. What did her tears on this day make her realize?
  • 17. How did she feel about Mother Genevieve? Who was she?
  • 18. Did Therese have mystical dreams?
  • 19. What was her attitude concerning the tact that she generally did not experience consolation at Communion time?
  • 20. What experience launched her “full sail” upon the waves of confidence and love?
  • 21. What did Therese say “gives birth to souls”? Citing which scripture?
  • 22. What lesson did Therese learn from the flowers in her life?
  • 23. How did she connect her father‟s holy martyrdom with Celine‟s entrance?
  • 24. After this, what was the sole attraction for Therese?
  • 25. How did she experience the presence of Jesus within herself?
  • 26. In what special way did she offer her soul to God?
  • 27. What effect did she experience from this formal offering?

Make three personal resolutions in connection with the material you read in this lesson, and write them here in a brief form:





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