Reading: pages 6 to 17 in the Summer 2015 Carmel Clarion issue that focuses on Teresa of Avila

Discussion Questions:

  1. Vilma Seelaus states that Teresa of Avila “became a saint and a mystic, and experienced wholeness and divine transformation within the context of her everyday life.”  Describe the model of wholeness that the author presents.
  2.  Teresa, like all of us, was “both formed and deformed by the culture in which she lived.” List the three major issues that Teresa faced and Elaborate on each. What similarities do you see in our own culture?
  3. The writer states that, like all of us, Teresa struggled to realize self-possession.  How did Teresa  achieve her goal?
  1.   In the Way of Perfection (quoted in this article), Teresa describes the vocation of a Discalced Carmelite.  What does she tells us?  How can a Secular Carmelite actualize this vocation?
  2.  In closing, Vilma Seelaus spends some time discussing Mysticism. How did a 16th century Catholic define mysticism? How does a 21st Century Catholic define mysticism? Why is it essential for us to become 21st Century mystics?
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