Focus: Teresa of Avila: Book of Her Life

Candidates for Definitive Promises                                        Facilitator: Diane

Reading: The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, Vol I, Kavanaugh and Rodriguez, “Book of Her Life,” Chapters 37 and 38


Discussion Questions:

Chapter 37.

#1. Teresa describes a time of severe spiritual drought.

  1. Describe the condition she experienced.
  2. How does Teresa’s experience help us handle a similar, personal situation.


Chapter 38.

#2.  In this chapter, Teresa writes (as she has done in her other works) that she does not fear death and

actually desires it.  How should we understand these words?

#3. Like Elijah of old, Teresa was called by God to deliver a message.

  1. Describe the details of this directive from God.
  2. Compare this directive with that received by Elijah and described in the Book of Kings.

#4. Teresa describes a vision from God that left her disturbed and confused.

  1. Describe this encounter.
  2. What does Teresa want us to learn from her experience?
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