Temporary Promised    

Focus: Provincial Statutes, I-III

Reading:; Refer to the corresponding sections of the Constitutions for background


  1. Daily Life: What do the statutes have to say about each of the areas below? Examine your own fidelity in each area and consider how much progress you have made during formation.  Be prepared to discuss this progress and any difficulties or obstacles you have encountered.  Have any of these obligations become easier or more difficult to observe?
  • Mental Prayer
  • Liturgical Prayer
  • Daily Examen
  • Reconciliation
  1. Community life is the only obligation that is truly unique to being a member of this community. Describe the benefits and challenges of this aspect of being an OCDS.  The nitty-gritty of attendance, types of members, and community existence are examined…Anything you did not know?
  2. Days of self-denial: Why is self-denial important in the spiritual life? Remembering our dead: self-explanatory…questions?
  3. Apostolate: describe the several levels and their basis.  This topic has undergone considerable discussion and development over the years.  How do you understand it?
  4. Mary: Recall Mary’s relationship to the first Carmelites.  How is considering Mary, our sister different from Mary, our mother?
  5. Scapular: Another topic that has been discussed and developed.  What are some of the misconceptions about the Scapular and what is its meaning for you each day?
  6. Formation in the School of Carmel: This is not about the details of formation but about the general process and who bears the responsibility for formation.  How do the different levels of formation differ?  Are you familiar with the Ratio: ?


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