Focus: The Rule of St. Albert

Reading:; other copies of the Rule can be found at and

Optional Reading:

Discussion Questions:

Read the rule at several different sittings and note what was most striking to you each time.

As you read, recall that the original rule was written for hermits on a mountain but now we too are asked to find in it a guide for our lives as Carmelites in the world.

  1. Choose two or three examples from the Rule that are obviously worded for the first Carmelite religious and allow the Holy Spirit to help you see how the “spirit” of the Rule applies to your life.
  2. Look at each of the ten paragraphs and identify with one word or phrase, the topic.  Then give a specific application of the spirit of five or more of these paragraphs in your life.  (You can expand upon those you used in the previous exercise.)


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