Aspirant Month 9


December, 2016 Information Sheet


Carmelite Calendar

Dec 11                                                        St Maria Maravillas of Jesus

Dec 13                                                        Fasting

Dec 14                                                        Holy Father St. John of the Cross

Dec 16                                                        Blessed Mary of the Angels



Annual Review of OCDS Legislation will be done together as a community.  This month we will read from the Constitutions and the Statutes. We will follow the normal time frame for formation, with a total time of 60 minutes.


  • Daily Life
  • Serving God’s Plan
  • With Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Reading Assignment (ALL):

  1. Constitutions IV: Serving God’s Plan paragraphs 25-28
  2. Constitutions IV: With Mary, the Mother of Jesus, paragraphs   29-31
  3. Statutes I, Daily Life, paragraphs 3-6
  4. Statutes II: Serving God’s Plan, paragraphs 25-28
  5. Statutes II: With Mary, the Mother of Jesus, paragraphs 29-33

There are no specific reflection questions in order that you may design your presentation as the Holy Spirit guides you.  However, please read, work together in your group, and prepare your presentation in light of your own experience and reflections in our community this year.  We will all benefit from your sharing.

Presentation Assignments: (In order of presentation) (all times are approximate)

  1.  Pam      (15 minutes)                                                                   Statutes I, paragraphs 3-6
  2. Candidates for Definitive Promise (20 minutes)           Constitutions, paragraphs 25-31
  3. Aspirants (15 minutes)                                                                Statutes II, paragraphs 25-28
  1. Candidate for Temporary Promise (10 minutes)                Statutes II, paragraphs 29-33
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