Aspirant Month 11


Focus: Discernment of a Carmelite Vocation

Readings: Welcome to the Secular Order of the Discalced Carmelites by Father Deeney, pp. 9-21; pp. 27-37


  1. Father Deeney describes six elements that should characterize a member of the Secular Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Take each element, describe/define it, and then evaluate yourself in relationship to that element.
  • Practicing Member of the Catholic Church
  • Under the protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Inspired by Saint Teresa of Jesus
  • Commitment to the Order
  • To Seek the Face of God
  • For the Sake of the Church and the World
  1. Looking over your evaluation, do you think you have a vocation to Carmel? In what areas do you see need for growth and further understanding?
  2. What are the six obligations that the Constitutions envision in the life of the Secular Order member? Use the Letter M to create your list and then describe each obligation as you see yourself practicing it.

Reminder: Prepare your letter of intent and your candidate worksheet to be given to Diane no later than the February meeting.




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